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Pro Ag supply offers a wide range of bulk fertilizers to help you create the best plant and soil health possible. The following fertilizers are available:

  • 0-0-25-17S
  • 0-20-20
  • 10-34-0
  • 11-52-0
  • 12-0-0-26
  • 18-46-0
  • 28-0-0
  • 3-18-18
  • 32-0-0
  • 46-0-0
  • 9-18-9
  • Zinc

pro shot

Pro Ag Supply proudly introduces ProShot™, a low salt 6-24-6 liquid fertilizer high in orthophosphates ideally suited for in-furrow and foliar applications. It is completely seed safe and especially designed to be placed in-furrow during planting. ProShot can also be safely foliar applied to correct nutrient deficiences and promote a healthy crop.

Features of ProShot™

  • 100% Water Soluble
  • Low Salt Index
  • Chloride-Free
  • Neutral pH
  • Resists Corrosion
  • Trouble-Free
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Seed Safe

Ask about ProShot™ Plus with a built-in micronutrient pack!

pro shot

The ProShot™ Advantage

Overcomes Cool Temperatures:
Low temperatures can tie up valuable soil nutrients. In-furrow positioning at planting provides young root systems with an immediately available source of 100% water-soluble nutrients.

Versatile Application:
PROshot can be safely placed in-furrow with the seed in most soils or positioned 2x2 from the seed during planting without fear of reduced germination.

Improved Yields:
Young plants emerge stronger, plants move quickly through the vegetative stage, earlier and more uniform tasseling occurs, and plants mature faster producing the highest quality crops with top yields.

Plus, ProShot can be foliar applied without fear of leaf damage.


ProShot™ Plus

ProShot Plus 6-24-6 is a formulation of NPK with a shot of micronutrients, including copper, manganese and zinc. This special formulation provides the macro and micronutrients crops need to reach maximum yield potential.

Banding ProShot™ during planting is more effective and can reduce broadcast P and K rates by one-third to one-half. Banding puts nutrients into the root zone and reduces nutrient fixation. Growers can save just by changing from broadcast to banding.


Pro Ag Supply and AgVeris

Pro Ag Supply has teamed up with AgVeris to help you develop a comprehensive, progressive and balanced fertility program used to maximize yield, efficiency and profit. The services available include:   

  • Balanced and Progressive Fertility Recommendations
  • Fertility / Fertilizer Consulting
  • Soil Sampling / Composite and Zone Sampling
  • VRT Mapping and Recommendations
  • Presentations / Seminars
  • Industry Professional Training


Stoller Bio-Forge ST

Enhances early root growth and offsets the effects of early stress through germination - significantly improving yield and quality.

What it does

  • Up-regulates key genes associated with early plant stress
  • Improves root-hair growth to enhance nutrient uptake
  • Reduces excess ethylene from stress

What that means for you

  • Increase seedling emergence
  • Early root development
  • Increased stress tolerance to adverse weather and herbicide damage
  • Enhanced nodulation and nodule activity in legumes

Rate: 2 oz/cwt of see
Application timing: Seed Treatment


Stoller Bio-Forge

Supports plants by up-regulating specific genes associated with root development and drought tolerance to offset stress.

What it does

  • Up-regulates key genes associated with early plant stress
  • Improves root-hair growth to enhance nutrient uptake
  • Reduces excess ethylene from stress

What that means for you

  • Continuous new root growth for efficient nutrient uptake
  • Optimum hormone balance for continued cellular viability
  • Improved yield and quality for maximum ROI

Rate: 8-16 oz/A
Application timing: With all foliar sprays



Kugler Company offers a full line of other Quality Liquid Fertilizers, including pre-plant, starters, low-salt and specialty fertilizer grades. For more information on additional products, please contact Pro Ag. 

To learn more about all the ferilizer options from Kugler check out their web-site.