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Fuel Trailers

Pro Ag Supply Proudly Sells fuel trailers from Valley Industries. 

Fuel Trailers

Valley Industries has been building Fuel Trailers of all shapes and sizes for 6 years. The FuelMate™ line of trailers has risen to the top of the industry with unique and state of the art designs. All of their tanks are independently mounted on the frame with spring loaded bolts. This allows, not only for maximum vibration control, but also easy access if repairs are needed. The tub baffle system allows for both front to back flow control and side to side flow with 30% of the fuel contained in center tub.

All FuelMate Trailers are built using tubed framing with 5" sidewalls and 2" top and bottom horizontal supports allowing for more strength that a standard "C" channel frame. They also use walking axles allowing for the weight to be evenly distributed on both axles at all times. All tanks are built with corner bracing for additional strength and structural stability. 500, 750 and 990 gallon standard capacities

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