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Spray Tips

Spray Target

Pro Ag supply offers a wide variety of products from Spray Target. The VeriVolume Nozzle is designed for high-volume applications of crop protection materials and fertilizers. The nozzle is capable of controlling flow rate and maintaining proper spray coverage and droplet size over a wide range of flow rates. The nozzle comprises a flexible spray tip that is automatically and appropriately deformed by a flexible metering assembly in response to change in liquid pressure. To view all spray tips available from Spray Target click here.


Green Leaf Technologies

green leaf techGreenleaf Technologies’ patented TurboDrop® technology may be the most important addition you can make to your sprayer. TurboDrop® has been proven commercially over 17 years of use in over 40 countries around the world. The TurboDrop® Nozzle can dramatically improve your application of crop protection chemicals. 

Learn more about Green Leaf Technologies TurboDrop Nozzle here.

Also available is the AirMix® Nozzle. It is a compact, economical air injection nozzle designed to provide both drift control and surface coverage at conventional spray pressures.

AirMix® is available in four configurations:

  • AM Low Pressure AirMix® Venturi Nozzle, 110° Flat Fan
  • AMDF Dual AirMix® Venturi Nozzle, Dual Asymmetric 110° Flat Fan
  • AMCQ Acid Resistant AirMix® Venturi Nozzle, 110° Flat Fan
  • AMOC Low Drift AirMix® Off Center Nozzle

Learn more about Green Leaf Technologies AirMax® Nozzle here.




Boominator boomless nozzles are machined from Stainless Steel in the USA. They have a superior fluid pattern and distribution with a heavy droplet pattern for minimal drift. All nozzles have Mnpt threads and are factory tested. Boominator nozzles offer left, right and full spray patterns.




Order No. Liquid PSI Nozzle GRM Eff. Dist 4 MPH 5 MPH 7 MPH
500 1160L 20 1.0 16 8 6 4.5
500 1160R 30 1.2 16 9 7.5 5.3
500 1250L 20 1.5 16 12 9 7
500 1250 R 30 1.7 16 13 11 8


Learn more about Boominator nozzles here.