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Tanks and Parts

Pro Ag Supply Proudly offers Ace Roto-Mold tanks.

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Sizes and fitments for almost any standing, riding or OEM application Pro Ag has or can have most any tank you could imagine.

Crop Care Tanks are designed for OEM sprayer applications that contain chemicals rated for contact with polyethylene. Hoop recesses are provided around the tank to facilitate installation and anchoring. Wide bottom tanks are available with either box-style or sloped-style sump on the bottom for withdrawal. Narrow bottom tanks are cutout on each side to facilitate narrow track widths and are only available with a sloped-style sump. Larger tanks are furnished with polyethylene baffles for fluid control and a five-gallon rinse tank. The tanks are manufactured from high-density polyethylene with U.V. stabilizers and are designed for liquids of up to 1.9 specific gravity.

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Banjo Liquid Handling Products

Banjo Liquid Handling Products spends its time and energy in manufacturing high quality, reliable products. 
We understand how important quality products are to the market place. Engineers, Distributors, and End Users want Products they can trust. And our product line is both deep and wide. From valves, electric valves, manifold systems, Dry-Disconnects, IBC/Tank Accessories, Cam Lever Couplings, Pipe Fittings, Line Strainers to Pumps. 

Polypropylene Specialists

We use glass-reinforced polypropylene, stainless steel, and cast iron materials, with our specialty being injected molded, glass-reinforced polypropylene.  Our Polypropylene Components have numerous desirable key properties which include being rigid, lightweight, low moisture absorption, and having great resistance to chemicals, corrosion, high impact, and stress cracking.

We Have You Covered
And no matter what the application, our innovative designs are skillfully engineered, and precisely manufactured to exacting tolerances. Our high quality products can be used for any of our applications. In other words, we have you covered for your Liquid Handling needs. 

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Novid Liquid Fertilizer Tanks

Professionally Engineered

  • Designed for safe, long term liquid fertilizer storage
  • Structurally engineered to last
  • Manufactured with corrosive resistant T304 or T316 stainless steel
  • No down time for repairs, inspections or maintenance
  • No on-site paint touch-ups required
  • Environmentally friendly

Standard Features

  • Butt welded joints
  • 18” manway
  • 4 lift lugs
  • 4 anchor tabs
  • 4” PVC Suction Coupler at 90 degree angle
  • 3” PVC Fill Coupler at 45 degree angle
  • 3” Roof Vent
  • 3/4″ sight tube
  • Re-enforced manway


  • SS Ladder/Cage
  • 4″ Fittings
  • 24″ manway
  • Sloped Floor
  • Roof manway
  • Flange Fittings

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